A common question in the minds of every investor would be whether to rent or buying commercial space. Do you just need a functional desk or a space where you entire work force can be accommodated. Both options have their pros along with cons. For a professional a work environment that is loaded with all basic amenities is a pre requisite. So shelling out a major chunk of your financial outlay in terms or rents would not be a sensible idea. In addition spending on an office space that would serve you no purpose in the coming days would serve no purpose. You need to weigh the pros along with cons of each option before you make a final decision.

The emergence of job opportunities in tier two cities has created demand for office spaces that provides a cordial work atmosphere. Apart from financial perks start-ups want to retain good talent. In the last year itself nearly 2 million jobs were created in India. This means that the demand for office spaces is growing at an alarming pace.  It means a competitive demand for work space has emerged. Before you opt to purchase or rent office spaces, it becomes necessary to prepare a list of co working spaces in New Delhi.



From a cost perspective, rent coworking space in New Delhi has easy offerings. For a dedicated task it could be between Rs 5000 to Rs 10000. A wide range of costs are there which depends on your preferences. What is the frequency you are planning to put it in use and when the tenure is about to end.

As far as office space evolves, you might have to consider capital investments along with market surveys.

Events and communities

Co working does provide a great opportunity to familiarize your team members with peers or mentors from the same area of work. You give the name co working for a specific reason as it helps to establish possible connections. Most of the co working spaces run workshops or periodic events to boast community relationships in the community.

No shortage of events exists with self-owned offices. But the frequency would not be so high in comparison to shared office spaces.

Smart layout

Easy to work and focus are the focal points why an organization chooses an office in the first place. Most of the co working offices spaces have facilities like free internet connection, conference and meeting facilities where a person can work at their own comfort. It is highly unlikely that outsiders are going to be privy to your personal discussions. At the same time you are already away from personal distractions of your home- daily chores or pets which are going to garner a lot of attention.


The focus needs to be on your business, and work spaces will achieve the objective. In terms of amenities which a work space provides it is long and endless.

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